Sites That Offer Free Online Courses: Best 30 Ever

UMass Boston Site

UMass Boston Open Course ware is simply unique as it offers Ocean and Earth Sciences. You can also get diverse subjects including mathematics and early childhood development courses.

MIT Open Courseware

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is among the pioneers in the open education platform. One distinguishing features about MIT Open Courseware is that you can easily record on the real class proceedings. The downside of this platform is that you’ll still need to get an exercise book to proceed with your online courses.

However, its courses varied so you should check the website for any other useful information to aid your learning.

Coursera free online courses

These are one of the first platforms to adopt Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). They have more than 100 partner institutions of recent, making it one of the largest providers of online education.

Its lessons cover at least 800 courses in not more than 30 languages. Although you won’t be asked to pay for those online courses, but you’ll be required to pay a particular amount for authenticated certificate.

Udacity Courseware

This particular site focuses on developing individuals with computing skills and it boasts of a minimum of 50 online courses. They teach you on how to manage web designing, Apple OS programming and proven Apple O. you can’t be given authenticated certificate except you subscribed to their monthly plan. Its advantages is that take enough time to be committed to complete a particular course.

Khan Academy YouTube Site

Khan Academy became a reality thanks to Salman Khan’s videos on YouTube. The young man was assisting his cousin on some academic problems by developing YouTube videos for him. He specializes in mathematics but that doesn’t mean the website don’t have other several courses in English, Biology and lots more.

His YouTube video wasn’t just a great help to his cousin but to the general public as well. He researched more and accepted to gather these videos (usually over a thousand of them) and upload them on Khan Academy. Khan Academy has wide range of video classes for free. It’s also suitable for individuals who are vying to learn a certain principle without having to the whole course.

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