Sites That Offer Free Online Courses: Best 30 Ever

Sites That Offer Online College Courses For Free Continued

Free World U Website

This particular site uses flashcards to test individual skills acquisition. K-12 learning curriculum is being used in this website. Although it’s free for all but if you want an authenticated program with tests and certificates, you be required to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Notre Dame Free Online Courses

This site has database of free online courses with small pins close to its title. In each title, you can find its video, syllabus, assignments and exams. After clicking on the course, you can easily navigate your way through all the various areas of the lesson.

Since they require lots of readings, you may be tempted to purchase some textbooks. I like this site’s easy navigation menu and it’s well organized.

CosmoLearning Website

It’s a free online site that lists lessons by topic. In each lesson, you will discover which school offers it, the instructor’s name and the total number of students offering that lesson. CosmoLearning doesn’t give her students assignments and most of its lesson materials are mainly in video format.

Gresham College Online Courses

This college provides online lessons for students in various topics. Students can listen or watch past lessons, or plan for subsequent lessons. Gresham College is situated in the United Kingdom. And you’ll have to be patient for lectures to be uploaded online for you to view the ones you like.

Weber State University Open Course Ware

This University provides students with English, automotive electronics, health, and technology classes only. Their program isn’t big and it slightly uses advanced technology.

GCF LearnFree Website

It’s one of those sites that create awareness on free online lessons, courses, and apps. Instead of obtaining a degree certificate, their lectures are made to instill students with skills. Although their interface isn’t easy to navigate but with time you will get use to it.

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