Sites That Offer Free Online Courses: Best 30 Ever


EdX Website

This is one of those sites that offer free online college courses from reputable universities. However, EdX differ from other online courses as it has affiliation with other top universities. You can enroll for lessons being taught by MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, and other.

One disadvantage about this website is that, you can’t learn at you own convenient. Their lessons are similar to paid online learning classes.

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Stanford University using iTunes U Courseware

This particular site offers high quality e-learning stuffs with ease. They have wide range of courses that cut across all topics. To enjoy this site, you have to have any Apple product but it’s completely free to learn on its platform.

UCLA Irvine Courseware Site

University of California makes provisions for lessons in different fields. They also provide a link to access information on credit units for some courses being undertaken online. Upon clicking on the links to download all of the course information, it immediately saves as a Word documents.

Academic Earth Courseware

They help students get a degree program they love. Free lectures are also done on its website. Their main objective is to help students get their desired degree program with ease.

UW Open Courseware

The University of Washington are the ones in charge of this free online college course (usually about 10 in number). To enjoy full access, you have to register with them by filling detailed information about yourself.

Free GED Site

It’s one of those sites that offer free online college courses to individuals who have not completed their high school. And it’s suitable for students who are eager to obtain their GED with ease. You are only provided with the concepts that it will come out in your GED exam upon signup. GED for free doesn’t have advanced programs.

NY University Site

Here, they strictly have archives of math lessons undertaken by New York University. Upon clicking on any class of your choice, you’ll be taken to list of documents provided in PDF format. Although their materials are interesting but its packaging isn’t arranged well.

K-12 free site

Only 33 states are given the rights to offer this free online K-12 curriculum. If your state is among the lists a link will pop-up for the student to register. Have in mind that K-12 curriculum isn’t a curriculum developer on its own. However, some private schools that partner with K-12 do charge some fees.

OpenCulture Site

They have a database with lists of free online college courses. You’re being shown what constitute the lessons as they could be in form of YouTube, Web Video and i Tunes. OpenCulture provides free textbooks, free audio books, and language courses.

Unfortunately, they don’t have their own curriculum but instead gather resources for easy surfing.

Connections Academy Courseware

They make use of free online K-12 course work for students at home. And other students who are not in a modern classroom setting use this academy too. Connections Academy has a 96 percent satisfaction rate with high parent’s involvement.

Also, students can find overview of their lessons, assessment and review. You’re being provided with several resources, tools, and textbooks to ease online learning immensely.

Open Yale Free Online Programs

It’s a website rich with easy navigation.  You can download its various courses online or in zip format with ease. Their lessons usually have videos being recorded in the actual lecture on campus. It’s usually accompanied with transcripts and PDF pictures that are helpful in student presentation. You mustn’t finish the whole lesson in a day.  And you can continue with it the following day. You don’t need to register or create login details to enjoy its rich content.

Sites That Offer Free Online Courses: Best 30 Ever

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