20 Highest Paying Online Associate Degrees in 2020

6. Computer Programming

9 Benefits of Computer Programming as a Career | 5 Best Things

The digital revolution is around the corner. Computer-related degrees are now among the top five best paying online associate degrees. Computer programming involves writing instructions that a computer needs to carry out particular tasks. In an online computer programming associate degree program, students learn several computer languages, information systems, and computer information systems. According to the Bureau of Labor projections, there will be a total of 399,000 new job openings for computer programmers in the next 10 years. The early median salary for a computer programmer is $65,165. 

7. Web Design and Development

Best Web Design in Nairobi | Affordable Web Development & Hosting

Web developers create and design websites for businesses, companies, institutions, and personal websites. Getting a web developer job is more of what you are capable of doing and your skills than the degree you are holding. A full-stack web developer is the one who can create and design all aspects of a website (both front-end and back-end). Some online associate web design programs can include topics such as digital image design, internet and web architecture, website design, operating systems, and networking fundamentals. The entry career pay is $40,000, while the salary pay is $69,430. The Bureau of Labor projects that there will be 20,900 new job openings in the next ten years.

8. Computer Network Administration

Online Master's in Information Technology | Network and Computer Systems Administrator


Businesses don’t rely on computers alone. Computers need to communicate with each other to transmit and store data securely. A computer networking specialist is responsible for setting up and maintaining local computer networks for an organization or business. As a computer network specialist, you can advance your career to become a computer network architect, network administrator, or network security professional. The entry career pay for a computer network specialist is $48,300, while the median salary is $53,470. The Bureau of Labor is projecting that there will be 83,100 new job openings for computer network specialists in the next ten years.

9. Computer Engineering Technology

Computer Engineering BS | University of Bridgeport

Computer engineering technicians use their computer science and electrical engineering knowledge to install, troubleshoot, and repair computer systems. They can work with computer engineers to build new computer hardware and software. An online associate degree in computer engineering technology is for individuals who can work well both as a team and independently. The program involves a course in microprocessor systems engineering, electrical circuitry, prototype development, computer programming, and system development and testing. The early median salary for a computer engineering technician is $63,660. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be 139,800 new jobs for this career in the next ten years. 

10. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologies

Best Online Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering Programs of 2020 | BestColleges

Electrical and electronic engineering technicians use their drafting, designing, and technical skills to help electrical engineers bring their ideas into life. Coursework for this associate degree can include electrical circuits, electrical and electronic drawing, machinery and controls, industrial electronics, calculus, and technical mathematics. The entry median salary for an electrical and electronic engineering technician is $63,660. 

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