University of Phoenix Online Classes

1. Competency-based Masters in Business Administration

University of Phoenix Online Classes

CB MBA program equips students with advanced business skills that they need to successfully lead a business. The curriculum is intended for holders of a business degree who plan to advance their studies in order to receive a pay increase and promotion. The program has a fast return on investment. Students report salary increases and promotions after completing this program. The training is simpler and cheaper than a traditional MBA program. A number of students complete their course in a year as well. Traditional MBA students take about three years to graduate. An online MBA program allows for more flexibility that makes it easy for students to balance school and life.

2. Psychology

A psychology program can help you know and understand the behaviors of the people around you. Psychology online classes focus on general psychology, not clinical psychology. They are designed to help students explore and understand the cognitive and effective processes that impact human behavior. 

The advanced online course in Psychology focuses on subjects such as personality problems and psychopathology conditions.

The course provides more flexibility, and students can get any support that they need to reach their full potential.

3. Other programs that are available online

Virtual students can also take a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields:

  • Business¬†
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • General Education
  • Technology
  • Socials and Behavioral Changes

Regardless of the area of study you are interested in, you will get an education that meets all the expectations of the profession.


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