The 9 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Taking an Online Course

5. Underestimating Class Difficulty

Online courses are not as easy as many students think. They are just as difficult as their in-person counterparts. If you underestimate the difficulty of your online classes, you will end up not paying complete attention. You will also spend less time studying which might result in lower grades. As you start your online class, expect it to be challenging, and make sure that you are doing your best. 

6. Lack of Participation

Some students are shy to participate in online class discussions while others don’t feel like it worth it even when they are required by their instructors. Online learning may seem like a godsend for many students because they have the freedom to do what they want, but refusing to participate in class discussions will make you miss a lot that you need to pass your exams. You should take advantage of online class discussions, the Q&A sessions, and online forums to learn what you didn’t understand during the lecture.

7. Working Alone At All Times

Spending most of your time alone when attending online classes can make you feel lonely. The biggest problem is that many online students don’t know what to do when they start feeling lonely. They fail to address the problem before it worsens. If you start feeling lonely while taking an online course, you should start engaging with your classmates and instructors. Online forums are there to help you interact with other students that are studying online. You should also make sure that you are attending and participating in all online class discussions. When you are about to do a big exam, you should organize for an in-person study group to get a chance to interact with your classmates face-to-face.

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