Scholarships For Women To Study Online: Best 14

Scholarships for women are financial aids or grants given to a woman to achieve her desired academic dreams. Women are supported with funds to study high paying courses which are mainly dominated by men. These courses may range from engineering, architecture, medicine, and journalism. You are advised to adhere to each scholarships deadline or you may end up not getting the scholarship.

Consequently, most institutions, nonprofit organizations, schools, and companies can offer scholarships for women to achieve their dreams. Also, the cost of obtaining a higher education is more expensive than before, not excluding student debt which is above $1.5 trillion of recent.

Study by the American Association of University Women deduced that almost two-thirds of built up college debt is acquired by women. Here are the best scholarships for women to help them attain the same levels like the men:

Scholarships For Women To Study Online: Best 14

Scholarship by Financial Women of San Francisco

This scholarship is given to women who reside in San Francisco Bay. And you must be willing to pursue a career in finance or related services. Student must be in an undergraduate or graduate program. Also, all awardees are being recognized at the organization’s yearly luncheon. Others are being enlisted into the FWSF Mentorship Program or invited to the FWSF Year Luncheon. Women pursuing undergraduate degrees are given $10,000 while graduate women are awarded $15,000. Its deadline varies.

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