Scholarship For Online Colleges; Best Search Ever

You Can Begin With A General Search Including Year

Instead of using the above postgraduate student as your keyphrase, you can refine your search with something like, “2020 Scholarship for International Students”. This will enable google provide you with results of all the webpages in its database that have the keywords, “2020”, “Scholarship”, “International” and “Students”. But though not compulsory it should be in the exact order of phrase arrangement. Glance through if the first 10 results contain scholarship applications that suite your search.

Have in mind that adding the year at the beginning of your search phrase will prompt the search engine to give higher priority to webpages. Also, grants or scholarship publications and deadlines within that specified year (2020).

Where you can find the desired result you want within the first 20 to 50 results (2 to 5 pages on google), look for another way.

Try Searching Within Your Results

Scholarship For Online College Best Search Ever

This is one of the major things most google search users tend to neglect. Others may feel reluctant to try diverse combination of keyphrases to see which one brings about a better result. Sometimes, this method may work for you but there’s an easier way around it. Why not search for a link below every Google search result page as you will be putting into practice “Search within Results”?

This approach will enable you search in depth within the already provided results, using a more related keyphrase(s), and get rid of less important results. While using our case study for illustration, you can search within pages for “Asia” or “US” or “Deadline July” or “Marine Biology” or “India”, as the case may be.

You can try this feature repeatedly until you have streamlined your results into a more important one. Also, you can decide to do whatever you like with the remaining related webpages

Where Can I find And Apply For Online College Scholarship?

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    • When searching , just make sure you specifically use Australia as your keyword. Another good place to look at is youtube as a resources and be keyword specific. Type in something like “Scholarships to study in Australia” and you will have lots of videos come up and just scan through the best . Hope this was helpful.

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