Why Online Education is as good as Classroom Learning

1. The growth of online education

According to the United States Census Bureau, 88 percent of all households now have internet access. Because of the easy access to the internet, more than 6.7 million Americans have enrolled in an online course. Online education came into existence in 1995, but since then, a large number of students have been enrolling every year. 

There were so many limitations when online learning was starting. Due to technological advancements, many of those limitations are no longer there. We now have some universities and colleges that are offering courses that are available fully online. In such programs, students can complete their degrees without having to meet their professors face-to-face. 

Today’s online students are getting the same information with their on-campus counterparts. It is also the same professors that instruct on-campus students that teach online students. Online students also graduate with the same qualifications and knowledge as on-campus students. In terms of quality of education, both online learning and studying on campus are the same.

2. How people are benefiting from online learning

Online learning for kids

A change in a parent’s job location calls for a school transfer for the kids. Unfortunately, constant school transfers can affect the academic performance of your child. Online learning has come to rescue such kids. Instead of having to transfer your kids from one school to the other after every few months or years, enroll them in an online class.

Some children can’t manage to go to school because of a disability or a medical condition. Today, such children are able to continue with their education because of the presence of online learning. Today, more than one million kids in the USA are learning online. 

Online learning for working adults

Online learning has made it possible for adult students to work and earn a living while pursuing their higher education. Apart from allowing working students to juggle work, family, and study, online learning also allows them to learn at their own pace. 

Many students are now taking a job after graduating from high school before joining college. Online learning is helping these students get their degrees while still working. It has also made it possible for working professionals to further their studies without quitting their jobs. 

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