Top Misconceptions About Online College Learning

Deadlines don’t exist

Online colleges are more lenient when it comes to deadlines, but yes, they have them too. You can manage your time because distance education is more lenient about it, but you shouldn’t do everything at the end of the semester. Experts suggest that despite the loose deadline dates, try to finish your papers and projects early, just like you would at a brick and mortar college.

Online college credits cannot be transferred

This is absolutely false. As long as your online school is accredited, the credits you’ve earned can be transferred to another university should you wish to get your diploma there. But this shouldn’t make you care less about the legitimacy of your online school. Always do background checks and make sure they have accreditation.

You don’t have classmates

It may feel like you are alone because you are at home, but you do have classmates. You will realize this when you attend live lectures with your professor. You will use chat groups, discussion boards, and do video conferences with them during the course. So if you have time, you can also arrange study groups or social gatherings, and build your network, just like you would at a conventional college.

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