Your First Day In Online College: Introducing Yourself

Attending an online college still bears semblance with attending a traditional, physical college. This is especially true when it comes to your first day. You will still need to introduce yourself to the class. Take this as an opportunity to build your network and find the right people that you can work with.

While you will be introducing yourself online, you may still feel quite nervous. Nevertheless, if you want to leave a good impression, you need to do the following:

Make Your Introduction A Bit Personal

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Saying your full name should be the entire introduction, eh? Make it much more interesting by adding some bits of personal information. For instance, you can tell them about your hobbies. You can talk about your favorite movies or music artists. Doing this will also help you find the people who may have the same interests as yours.

Always Stay In Context

You may get some leeway as far as personal introductions are concerned, but do not go overboard. Stay on track, and see to it that the information you provide is relevant to the class you are taking. For example, you may want to state your expectations from the subject, your professor, and classmates. Always make sure that your tone is professional yet warm.

Listen To Your Professors And Classmates

First-day introductions are not just one-way streets. When it is your classmates’ turn to introduce themselves, give them the courtesy they deserve by paying attention. When there’s a room for questions, fire one away to show that you are listening to them.

Be Responsive

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As mentioned, you may want to take first-day introductions as an opportunity to network. So do not just stay quiet. Be responsive, meaning answer the questions of your classmates who may take an interest in you. You may also consider reaching out to them first.

Introducing yourself on your first day in an online college can be quite nerve-racking. But if you are prepared and you know what to do, this shouldn’t be a problem. Just always take this one piece of advice to make things right: be genuine.

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