Which One To Choose? Traditional Vs. Online College


On-campus students commute from home to school in order to attend classes. Others pay for room and accommodation if they live out of state. If there’s a typhoon or any natural disaster, students are more likely to be absent in one or all of their classes during the day.

Meanwhile, online students do not need to leave their houses in order to attend their classes. Even if they are still on their pajamas, they can boot up their computers, connect to the internet, and simply login to their classes.

Which One To Choose? Traditional Vs. Online College

Learning model

Students attending traditional schools follow a synchronous model where learning happens at specific times. Professors discuss certain topics each day. Hence, learners study the same subject each time.

On the contrary, online college students enjoy and observe asynchronous class models. More often than not, online students balance their time between school and career. Therefore, they study and complete their schoolwork in their own time and at their own pace.

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