Setting Up A Study Area For An Online College Student

Space Should Be Comfortable

You don’t want to study in an uncomfortable space. You also don’t want to study in an area that too comfortable – it will only tempt you in taking more rest than you should. Make sure you have a comfy chair. Choose a chair that will support good posture and should of the proper height. Placement of your pc or laptop is also critical, especially if you have light-sensitive eyes.

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Space should be organized

A cluttered study area will not help you focus. So make sure that your study space is organized and clutter-free. This will also help you make your files more accessible – if you have paper files. If not, you can organize your computer files. It’s easier to find data when you have a filing system in place.

Distraction-free space

Your study should not be near a TV, radio, gaming consoles, and other gadgets that could keep you from focusing on your schoolwork. You can also have a “Do not disturb” door sign available. You can hang it on your doorknob when you need to focus on your studies.

The most important thing about being in an online college is discipline. You can have the perfect study space, but if you don’t have self-discipline, you will not succeed.

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