How Successful Are Students in Online College Courses Compared to Students Taking Face-to-Face Classes?

Online college degrees allow working adults to further their studies. Some of the people that benefit from online college degrees include full-time workers, active duty military members, and stay at home parents. Apart from giving these groups of people a golden opportunity to polish their future, online college degrees have other benefits. They are flexible, convenient, and affordable. Despite online college degrees having so many benefits, many people are still questioning how well online students in an online course program can perform compared to on-campus students that are in face-to-face classes.

Does Online Courses Perform Better than Traditional Courses?

According to recent research by the University of California, online courses as a whole are ineffective compared to the outcomes of on-campus courses. 85 percent of on-campus students complete their studies while only 79 percent of online students stick with their course to the end. When looking at the chances of passing, 63 percent of on-campus students pass their courses, while only 56 percent of online students pass their courses. 

One of the reasons why face-to-face classes performs better than online classes is because there are lower chances of dropping out. Online education is mostly for working adults. They have other important things to do apart from studying. It is hard to juggle career, study, and family for some online students.

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