Free Online Courses That Will Get You a Certificate

Some online courses are 100 percent free, some have hidden charges, while others have clearly stated price tags. In most free online courses, providers attach prices to the certificate. In such cases, students can attend online classes for free but will have to pay a given amount to get a certificate. These certificates cost anywhere between $20 and $300. The costs of these certificates depend on the course, the provider, and whether the student wants a hard copy or a digital copy certificate.

Why you should take an online course that provides certificate after completion

Free online courses that give certificates after completion are better than that don’t offer. Adding these certificates to your resume will increase your chances of getting a job. No one will believe that you have completed a course if you don’t have a certificate to show. If you want to take a free online course to increase your chances of getting a new job or promotion, you should go for those that offer certifications upon completion.

Getting an online course that will only cost you your time and commitment is not easy, but we have compiled some here for you. These courses are 100 percent free and offer printable certificates.  

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