Dr P. Moses Fraser, MD

How To Manage Stress While Attending Online Colleges

Attending online college is one of life’s most exciting events. College prepares you for your future as an adult. But attending college also comes with its set of challenges, which, if not carefully managed, can be stressful. Whether you’re about to attend a traditional school or opting for online colleges, …

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Top Misconceptions About Online College Learning

People tend to jump to conclusions, especially if their assumptions are in accordance with other people’s opinions, especially if the topic is about something that is not well-known, such as online colleges. You’ve probably heard a negative thing or two about online colleges, and we’re here to clear some of …

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Setting Up A Study Area For An Online College Student

There’s no denying the fact that online college is the most convenient way of getting a college degree. It’s convenient and less expensive compared to the traditional on-campus studies. One thing that will help an online college student in being successful is a good study area. What should be in …

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